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Leasing Contacts

Kevin Stevens (650) 704-8912,
Bob Stevens 650-776-5389,

Screenshot Kevin Stevens - Partner and owner of Stevens Development Company. Kevin oversees property management and coordinates leasing, construction and business development. Kevin was a Palo Alto School District teacher for 12 years. He graduated from UC Irvine with degrees in Economics and Sociology where he was captain of the golf team his senior year. He is married with two children.
Screenshot Bob Stevens - Managing Partner of 101 University and 125 University Partnerships. Bob has developed commercial properties in the SF Bay Area and was founder and CEO of three technology companies. From offices in the 125 University building, Bob started and ran an educational software company, Earthquest, an Internet company, ImproveNet, that went public in 2001, and most recently a software company called Wyz Kid Labs. Bob received an MBA from Stanford University.