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Management Phone Numbers

  • In a true emergency call 911 or the City of Palo Alto emergency numbers below

Emergency Plans

In a true emergency call 911 or the City of Palo Alto emergency numbers below:


In a true emergency call 911 or the City of Palo Alto emergency numbers below

In a fire, DO NOT use the elevator. During normal business hours, exit by taking either the front stairwell or the rear stairwell. At the bottom of the rear stairwell there is a protected exit corridor that goes to Alma St.

On evenings and weekends we recommend you take the rear stairwell to avoid the main entry gate that will be locked. Or you can walk down to the garage and exit from there.

101 University Emergency Exits

Garage Emergency Exits
In a fire, DO NOT use the elevator or the stairs to the entry. Take one of the two exits shown to walk from the garage. Review garage gate procedures at the bottom of the main page to leave by car.

101 Garage exits

In a true emergency call 911 or the City of Palo Alto emergency numbers above

In a fire, DO NOT use the elevator. During normal business hours, from 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors exit either the entry stairwell or the High St. stairwell.

444 High Street emergency exit map

Garage Emergency Exits
In a fire, DO NOT use the elevator, or the stairs to the entry. Take one of the two exits shown to walk from the garage. Review garage gate procedures at the bottom of the main page to leave by car.

101 emergency exits

The two exits are the main entry/exit and the rear exit corridor which leads to High Street.

125 University Emergency exits


Each occupant is required under the Lease to carry public liability and contents insurance as follows: LESSEE at its own cost shall maintain on all its personal property, movable furniture, inventory and trade fixtures on or about the PREMISES a policy of standard fire and extended insurance, with vandalism and malicious mischief endorsements, to the extent of one hundred percent (100%) of full replacement value. Public Liability Insurance. LESSEE at its own cost shall maintain in full force during the LEASE TERM a policy of comprehensive liability insurance in an amount not less than One Million Dollars ($1,000,000) single combined limit, including property damage coverage with respect to any liability for injury or death to persons or damage to property occurring in or about the PREMISES. Such liability insurance shall insure performance by LESSEE of the indemnity provisions of Section 16.a of this LEASE. Such liability coverage shall be issued by an insurer(s) and in form and amount reasonably satisfactory to LESSOR and shall name LESSOR as an additional insured, and the policy shall contain cross-liability endorsements. LESSEE shall provide LESSOR proof of insurance coverage described herein prior to commencement of the LEASE TERM, and subsequently upon any change in said insurance policy. Insurance carriers at times ask for general building information so it is included for each building below:

101 University/444 High Street Buildings

  • Built in 1982-1983
  • Gross building area of approx. 42,500 sf
  • Wood frame and steel construction over post-tension concrete slab above the parking garage.
  • 4 stories plus underground parking garage.
  • Buildings are fully sprinklers and monitored with a fire alarm system.
  • The 101 University roof structure is wood frame and the roofing is 1/4″ single ply DensDeck over an 80 mil membrane that was replaced in 2006. The membrane was updated in many areas in 2020. A silicone coating was added to the 4th floor wraparound walkway at 101 Univ. in 2022. 
  • The 444 High Street roof structure is wood frame with a mineral cap sheet that was replaced about 1997. 
  • The HVAC system was completely updated in 2002
  • A security system controls the outside floor doors and 101 University access to the 101 University elevator after regular M-F business hours monitoring each entrant’s proximity badge
  • A photovoltaic solar system was installed on the roofs of 101 University and 444 High in 2013 including 72 panels producing 18.7 KwH of energy
  • A series of energy efficient upgrades were made in 2012 at both buildings leading to Energy Star certification by the EPA and Carbon Free designation in that same year.


125 University Building

  • Originally built in the 1920s and fully remodeled in 1978 to then existing building codes and earthquake standards.
  • Gross building area is approx. 10,000 sf.
  • Reinforced masonry exterior, wood frame interior construction.
  • Fully sprinklered on all 3 floors. 
  • New HVAC systems were added between 1985 and 1995.
  • Various plumbing updates have occurred in 2020 and 2021. 
  • There is a wood frame structure for a flat roof with mineral cap sheet roofing material replaced in the mid-90s and updated in 2009. The rear portion of the roof was surfaced with silicone in 2020 and the remainder of the roof was surfaced with silicone in 2021. 
  • A security system controls the outside entry door after regular M-F business hours monitoring each entrant’s proximity badge.
  • The interior wood entry door is secure 24/7. 
  • 125 Univ Energy Star certified in 2012

Rent Payments

Rent is due on the 1st and delinquent and subject to a 10% late charge if not received by the 7th of each month, as your lease provides. Rent is payable to “101 University” for 101 University and 444 High occupants, or to “125 University” for 125 University occupants.

Rent can either be dropped off at our 125 University 1st floor office lock box (under our SDC sign) or mailed to:

c/o Kevin Stevens
216 Chester St
Menlo Park, CA 94025

Janitorial Service

The following service is provided by the buildings’ janitorial service. IMPORTANT NOTE – We urge you to NEVER leave papers or files on the floor. Though the janitors have been instructed to ONLY throw away trash in obvious containers, there have been unfortunate cases where papers and/or files have been thrown out. To throw away large amounts of material, we suggest you take it to the trash container in the garage. Please call us if the services listed below are not being carried out.

  • Remove trash and recyling 5 days per week
  • Vacuum and spot clean carpets 5 days per week
  • Cleaning of restrooms and kitchen areas
  • Clean interior glass
  • Replace light bulbs
  • General dusting

Recycling/Compostables Program

We work with the City of Palo’s recycling program and encourage your company to participate. Let us know if you need blue recycle containers and we will supply them. Recycled materials can ALL BE RECYCLED TOGETHER in a “single stream” making life easier for all involved. See the City flyer for details. Recycled materials include:

  • white and mixed paper
  • corrugated cardboard
  • newspaper
  • glass, bottles and cans
  • polystyrene

We also provide green compost containers for all food products and their containers. If you don’t have one please let us know.

Nearby Parking and Transportation

  • View nearby parking and transportation map
  • Downtown Permit Parking information can be found here. The City phone number for Parking Permits is (650) 329-2317. You can also email for more information or questions about specific parking lot availability. 
  • Parking Permits in Residential Areas – All day street parking is available with permits in nearby residential areas
  • Shuttle Service – The PA Shuttle and Marguerite Shuttle both serve the Downtown throughout the day. Both shuttle services are free and destinations include the Stanford campus, PA Medical Foundation, South PA and Embarcadero and East Bayshore. For PA Shuttle info call 650-329-2568. For Marguerite Shuttle info call 650-723-9361.
  • Train and Bus Service – The Caltrain commuter rail line runs between San Francisco and Gilroy. The Caltrain Station at University Avenue and Alma Street is a major hub serving Caltrain, the Dumbarton Express, Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) and Sam Trans buses. For schedule info call 511 or visit

A. BASIC AIR CONDITIONING SERVICE – Our buildings have an advanced, web-based, computer-controlled system providing quality, energy-efficient service during regular business hours. All thermostats are controlled by us over the internet and occupants do not have the ability to directly change temperature settings in the suites. Building management, however, does have the remote ability to see real-time temperatures and system performance and to modify temperature set points.

We have found over many years that comfort levels are consistently improved when occupants can’t directly modify set points as experience has shown this has led to large temperature fluctuations, unhappy employees and system problems (the heat pump equipment cannot easily handle large temperature changes.

Just let us know if and when there is a problem in one or more of your zones (see zone diagram section below). The basic set points used for all zones is 70-74 Fahrenheit which means that the average temperature during “regular” business hours M-F would be 72 degrees with a 2 degree variation. Below is an example of the remote summary view we have of 101 University zone settings and equipment performance.

We offer each occupant 10 hours of service daily Monday through Friday (on a customizable schedule selected by each occupant), except for major holidays at a cost as provided for in your Lease. We can modify your hours of operation periodically by remotely reprogramming your service schedule. In addition, we can remotely monitor all zones and thermostats over the internet and can modify the set points of all thermostats serving your suite. We also can easily change your service schedules.

B. HOLIDAY SHUT-DOWN SCHEDULE – Our air conditioning system will be shut down during business days when the following major holidays are observed: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. For those with extra hours service, you will be able to call for service during these holidays, as well as during evenings and weekends.

C. EXTRA HOURS SERVICE – We can offer extra hours service beyond the M-F 10 hours of basic service for an extra hourly charge. Such service requires a separate agreement and the hourly charge is based on direct energy usage costs, maintenance and reserves for future capital costs of HVAC equipment. Extra hour service can be programmed in on a regular schedule any day of the week. Call Val Freytag or Bob Stevens to learn more or to order this service.

HVAC Zone Diagrams

To view each floor’s HVAC zone diagram, click here. The diagrams will help you understand how our system works and if you report a problem helps us pinpoint the location for our service team.


101 University/444 High

PRIMARY FEED – The primary feed to both 101 University and 444 High buildings for internet service comes into the 1st floor phone closet at 444 High Street. To gain access, please call Kevin Stevens so that we can notify the existing occupant of the need for access.

FIBRE RING FOR HIGHEST SPEED CONNECTIONS – Unwired and the City of Palo Alto have completed connecting the 101 University building to their Bay Area fiber ring. As a result, 101 University & 444 High occupants have access to unprecedented bandwidth at data center prices delivered over an optical network. The fiber network allows a user to start with 100 Mb/s connection (Compare to DSL or Cable at 8-20 Mb/s) and scale to 10 Gb/s as needed. At least two service providers area available:
Unwired – All connectivity will be covered with Unwired’s SLA and 24×7 support services. Interested building users can contact Unwired at or 510-868-1614.
Comcast Enterprise Division – Travis Duke (Sales Manager for the Bay Area) (m) 415.328.4474.
125 University – The main phone closet is located in a locked area of the garden level. To gain access please call us in advance.

Garage Gate Problem Solving @ 101 University

If your electronic gate opener doesn’t work try the following:

Check the opener battery – a red button should light when the clicker is pushed. The openers take 9 volt batteries and we suggest you store an extra in your car just in case.
There is a key code to open the entry gate – ask Kevin Stevens for the access code.
On the right side as you are exiting just before the gate there is a button on the wall that will open the gate unless the power is out.
Alternatively, pull your car up to the gate and a metal detector embedded in the floor should open the gate automatically.

Leasing Commission Schedules

Click here to view the leasing commission schedules for 125 University and 101 University.